Nutrition Philosophy

I have passionately researched all forms of nutrition for having a healthy body by building the immune system as well as how to transform the way we look through body fat loss, muscle gain, etc..etc…

There are many ways to get to a certain goal, but what I found is the most important is it has to be a nutrition plan that you can live with and be happy and enjoy your life. Some people like to eat animal products chicken, fish, steak while others prefer a more carbohydrate type diet. Some people love fruits while others prefer vegetables.

Whether you are a traditional eater, a vegan or vegetarian person the main thing is you need to follow a plan where you enjoy the food and can have a lifestyle plan. Do you like eating 2-3 meals or day or do you prefer 6 meals. There are a lot of nutrition programs out there that work but I have learned from my own experience that I can’t follow someone else eating plan. I need to follow the one based on how I like to eat and when I like to eat and mold my eating lifestyle around that.

I believe in more of a “flexible type” diet. One that can be changed when desired instead of doing the same thing over and over like a robot. So to sum it up I like to have more of a flexible, varying, all the while following a structure type diet. If that makes sense. A structured plan that comes with the ability to vary a little when I want it. So that I don’t get bored and quit. But a nutrition plan that I can keep pursuing and not really feel like I’m dieting.