My name is Seth Dunn. I am 42 years old as of 2015. I have been passionately working out with weights 5 days a week now for 28 years. I have never really taken time off except some days here and there when I’ve traveled or gotten sick. I’ve been so consistent because I love it! It is one of my number one passions.

I also am a big reader and researcher by nature and have all this time been reading about working out and nutrition and how it relates to the body. Before the internet was here I was reading magazines or going to the library. Once the internet came out I just like many others spent hours upon hours reading and taking advantage of the unlimited information at my fingertips .

My studies didn’t just stop with working out and nutrition but i have always been interested in anything related to the human body and how it functions as a system. I am real big on nutrition. I have studied and researched into all things and how food and what we put into our mouth relates to the body. Anyone I come into contact with will see how my passion pours out into the conversations. I love to help people with their health whether its for health and vitality to have more energy and just leave a healthy lifestyle or even if they just want to look awesome with a nice lean body. My favorite of all these things is to body sculpt people. Meaning to get the body fat down to a nice lean build and surround it with nice quality muscle through working out with weights and a good nutrition program.

I am a local personal trainer here in Houston, Texas and offer one on one training sessions. I also do nutrition programs where I give people a program to follow and track their process to help them get to their goals. I work with anyone who wants to transform themselves as well as contest prep for people who want to do the next level and get on stage. I can work with people either in person if time and location are optimal as well as online clients anywhere in the world.